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A mobile phone or cell phone is an electronic telecommunication device with the same basic capability as a conventional fixed line, telephone, but which is also entirely portable and is not required to be connected with the wire to the telephone network. Most current mobile phones connect instead to the network using a wireless radio wave transmission Technology. Mobile phones are a popular means of communication that have become an important part of our lives. They are very helpful for making calls anywhere in the world and are also good sources of information. The current Technological developments have made our life more comfortable and we are becoming more and more dependent on mobile phones for our communication. Mobile phones are also very important for different tasks like education and for getting information about anything.


Nowadays mobile phones are also used for Internet browsing, playing video games, photography sending emails, and a lot more things. Due to having the internet on mobile phones, we can easily access the news of the country and the world. With the help of mobile phones, we are always in touch with our friends and relatives. We are also active on social media with the help of mobile phones application. Mobile phone is also a means of entertainment for us in which we can play songs movies and games etc. Mobile phones also have a facility of global positioning system with the help of which one can know the location of each other and can be reached easily. In today’s time, mostly mobiles are being used more than computers. There is no such work of a computer that cannot be done on the mobile but mobile and computer have their limitations but both cannot replace each other. Mobile phones are equipped with various features such as calendars alarms notes and reminders that help people stay organized and efficient. In the case of emergencies mobile phones enable people to quickly call for help or reach out to their loved ones for assistance. Mobile phones eliminate the need for physical travel or face-to-face meeting saving time and making communication more convenient. With a wide range of apps and customization options, mobile phones allow users to personalize devices according to their preferences and needs.


Mobile phone cause isolation in people and excessive use of mobile phones causes a waste of valuable time. We spend most have a free time on mobile rather than physical activities. The addiction to mobile phones destroys work and the waste of too much money is also caused due to mobile phones. There are many security issues in mobile phones that can lead the private info and photos or videos on social media. Cell phones are one of the main reasons for road accidents. Too much use of mobile can also cause physical and mental disability.

Environment analysis

About 41 million tons of e-waste is generated annually. This pollution is in the form of hazardous wastes, fumes from vehicles used for transportation, discarded plastic dead lithium batteries, and other components, diffused into the soil and water bodies full stop cell phone towers generate harmful radiation and toxins that enter into the environment and the food change and causing long term harm. The excessive use of cell phone lead to health problems and scrap metal hazardous Chemicals must be collected and cycled to heal profit and for environmental safety.

Types of environmental pollution caused by cell phones

Electromagnetic field radiation
EMF is generated by some electrical and electronic devices such as TVs refrigerators microwave ovens Transformer cell phones and cell phone towers. There are two problems with electromagnetic field radiation. The first problem is the exposure caused by prolonged use of cell phones for more than or when people speak continuously on the devices. Danger also comes when users keep the phone in their shirt and pant pockets or keep them under the pillow when they sleep. Continuous Exposure here to electromagnetic field radiation during sleep of 6 to 8 hours in the night is harmful. The second problem comes from cell Towers erected in the housing society in the residential or office complexes.

The raw material used in a cell phone manufacturer

A major effect on the environment is the excess use of raw materials in cell phone manufacture. A cell phone has 40% of metal components 40% plastic about 20% trace metals and ceramics. The raw material used for these components is extracted from mine processes and then manufactured into sub-assemblies for the mobile phone. Power water and the fuel used in these items are high considering the manufacture of a large number of mobile phones. The motherboard the circuit board has several embedded circuits made up of metal such as lead, nickel, copper, beryllium, and zinc which is very harmful to the environment.


The first generation of cell phones was very heavy and could not only a limited services and were fixed in vehicles indefinitely. Further improvement in a couple of decades brought about the cell phones we use today also known as smartphones. Advancement in technology has ensured that cell phones can be fixed and carrot around. In 1947, the concept for the cellular device emerged at the Labs and the plant to create a car that could be operated if a mobile radius system was nearby to carry the frequency. The initial attraction of cellular systems was their ability to reuse channels multiple times in a local area. They were also able to provide services to very large areas with low power radii but a cost-effective Centre system required many channels. It took quite a bit of time for technology to catch up with their combined concept the first cellular system in the US was developed between 1971 and 1983.


It is proven as we can see students get more interested to learn any subject through their mobile devices rather than going to class or getting it from books. Therefore we hope the government will allow the students to bring mobile devices to school to allow them to experiment and discover mobile technology. The school has to impose some rules so that students will not miss using the device in the wrong way. Firstly the advantage of using smartphones in vocabulary skills among University students can download English language material through their smartphones. The invention of the smartphone is one of the best inventions in the history of Technology till now.

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